Academic Dons and Tutors

Academic Dons are graduate students or professional faculty students who live in residence and are available for academic counselling and tutoring for all Trinity College students, resident and non-resident. The Dons are selected so that their fields of expertise reflect the studies of students within the College. If you have a question or would like to make an appointment for academic counselling or tutoring, please contact any of the dons by using the contact information below.

Please note that individual bios for the Academic Dons for 2015-2016 will be available here by mid-September! Please check back for updates soon!  


Chris Pugh Senior Don, Literary Studies
Ozlem Aslan International Relations 
Ania Butkiewicz History
Dave De Marco Physics and Math
Kristina Francescutti English
Ian Garner Political Science
Brian Golbourn Chemistry
Flora Nasri Life Sciences
Igor Shoikhedbrod Community Outreach
Lane Springer Writing Support
Andrew Wang Philosophy and Economics
Payam Zarin Life Sciences