Summer Residence - 2014

Single room Summer Residence bookings are handled in the Office of the Dean of Students.  For conference and other groups, please contact the Bursar's Office. 

Summer residence at Trinity College is primarily for students.  Non-students must contact the Summer Residence Coordinator (see below).


RATES (plus taxes as applicable)
$ 45.00
$ 170.00
$ 30.00 each
$ 120.00 each
$1,400 each*

Current residents of Trinity College: Wednesday, April 30, 2014.
All others: Sunday, May 4, 2014.
            Move-out is Sunday, August 17, 2014
                            (EXCEPT students who will be residents of Trinity College in fall 2014)
Summer Residence is located at St. Hilda's College (44 Devonshire). Rooms are dormitory style with shared washrooms and kitchenettes on each floor. Floors are designated male/female. The residence is not wheelchair-accessible.  The residence is not air-conditioned, but fans are available for rental. 
Payment will only be accepted by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Sorry, no cash, cheques, debit cards or pre-paid cards.
Please read to the end of this page for a link to the online application form. As a minimum, a non-refundable DEPOSIT (paid online by credit card) equal to the first week's rent is required to secure the application.
If you are a current resident staying less than a week immediately after the end of term, please indicate this clearly on the application form so that charges can be adjusted accordingly.
* FULL SUMMER DISCOUNT: rates above are applicable for stays fromApril 30 to August 17, if paid in full with the application. The College reserves the right to reverse the discount and charge normal weekly/daily rates if the individual leaves early.  Students remaining in residence for fall 2014 will be charged the weekly rate until the start of the fall term.  NOTE: FULL SUMMER ACCOMMODATION IS LIMITED TO 75 BEDS, FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED.
Taxes: 13% HST is charged on all stays of less than 30 days where rents are more than $20/day or $140/week; if the stay extends past 30 days, tax is refunded. Current residents continuing for the summer are considered to be extending their stay.
NOTE: Your application for summer residence is not confirmed until the Summer Residence Coordinator has contacted you and assigned a room.
Cancellations must be given in writing at least 3 business days in advance. THE DEPOSIT COVERING THE FIRST WEEK'S RENT IS NOT REFUNDABLE, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT STAY IN RESIDENCE.  Refunds for reduced stays will be processed within 3 weeks of arrangements made with the Office of the Dean of Students.
Please direct all enquiries to the Summer Residence Coordinator in the Office of the Dean of Students: or 416-978-2522, ext. 4138 (fax 416-978-4380).  The office is located in the main hall, St. Hilda's College, 44 Devonshire Place.

All summer residents and guests are expected to show respect for fellow residents and for College property. Many summer residents take summer courses. The College reserves the right to terminate the summer residency immediately for failure to adhere to the rules outlined below, for non-payment of summer residence fees and/or for persistent disruptive behaviour.
Students registered in summer courses at the University of Toronto or eligible to register for fall 2014 are subject to the University's Code of Student Conduct ( as administered by the Dean of Students, Trinity College. Students registered or eligible to register for fall 2014 at Trinity College are subject to the Trinity College Code of Student Conduct and all other relevant College policies
  • If you are a current resident, please stay in your current room until notified by the Dean's Office that your summer room is ready. Please be ready to move promptly when notified.
  • At the end of the summer, if you are staying in residence in the fall, the Dean's Office will notify you when your fall room is ready. Please be ready to move anytime starting Monday, August 18.
  • If you are NOT staying in residence in the fall, you MUST vacate your summer room by Sunday August 17.
Check-in time: after 11am on the day of arrival. On arrival, please sign the register in the Porter's Lodge, provide your complete home address and obtain your security access key and room key. Please inform the Summer Residence Coordinator if you will be arriving after 10pm.
Checkout is before 11am on the date of departure. For check-outs after 11am, guests will automatically be charged for an extra day of accommodation at the daily rate.   Keys must be returned at departure.
NOTE: there is a $45.00 charge for lost keys.
Mailing address: St. Hilda's College, 44 Devonshire Place, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2E2.
Deliveries will not be accepted unless instructions and money (if C.O.D.) have been left with the Porter. 
Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, as determined by the College, is not permitted.  The Trinity College Alcohol Policy is in effect during the summer months.
Residents are individually responsible for the care and proper use of all College property, including the furniture in their rooms.  If the room is not fully furnished on arrival, please inform the Dean's Office immediately. Any damage or missing furniture will be added to your charges.
The electrical system will not support the extensive use of appliances in residence rooms.  Excessive use may result in power interruptions. The College reserves the right to ask residents to disconnect appliances.  Air conditioners are not permitted.
Please read the fire safety notice included in your check-in package. Check your area for fire exits.  Always respond to the fire alarm by leaving the building. If you discover a fire, pull the alarm and immediately leave the building. Tampering with fire equipment is a criminal offence and will result in expulsion.
Rooms are cleaned once a week.  Linen is not included.  Economical linen sets may be purchased for $40 (plus tax).  
ResNet for the past academic term will be disconnected on Friday, May 2. To have ResNet activated for the summer, please check appropriate box on your summer residence application form, confirming you have read and agree to the College's ResNet Policies (More information).
There are kitchenettes throughout the residence. Kitchenware is not provided. Fridges are communal so please clearly label and date your food. Unlabelled food may be thrown out. Each resident must ensure the kitchen is cleaned after use (the cleaning staff will empty the garbage but is not responsible for dishes or food left out).  A LIMITED SUPPLY OF BAR FRIDGES CAN BE RENTED FOR THE SUMMER FOR $75 (PLUS TAX).
Card operated washers and dryers are located in the residence basement. Cards can be obtained from the Porter for a $10.00 deposit, refunded upon the return of the card in good condition. You can add value to the card by using the card-to-card machine located at the Porter's Lodge. There is no refund of any balance remaining on the card.
Summer residents and guests are asked to noise within reasonable bounds. If you receive a noise complaint, please act promptly on it. If you are disrupted by noise in the building, go in person to the source and request reasonable quiet. If this approach does not work, report the problem to Dean's Office or the Porter, who will contact College security.

A single room may be occupied only by the person (or a double room by the two persons) to whom it is rented. No summer resident shall change rooms without written permission from the Dean's Office. Students who have friends or family visiting overnight must notify the Summer Residence Coordinator.  If a room has more than the allotted occupancy, the person reserving the room will be informed in writing and charged double the room rate for the total duration of their stay. The College reserves the right to levy a fee of $40.00 to change rooms, after a room has been assigned and occupied.
There is limited meter parking in the Trinity parking lot: daily rate: $14 (to 6 pm); overnight rate $6 (from 4 pm); Saturdays $8. For long-term summer parking, please enquire at the Bursar's Office.
No cats, dogs or other pets may be kept in residence rooms.  Exceptions will be made for service animals for students with registered disabilities, following discussion with the Dean's Office.
Repairs and renovations may be required over the summer.  If your room is affected, you will be notified and, if necessary, given a temporary room. Notice of major projects will be posted at the Porter's Lodge.
College buildings are locked overnight and all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Interior security doors are to remain locked at all times. Night-time security patrols throughout the College continue through the summer.
College buildings are completely non-smoking.  Please do not smoke immediately in front of entrances or by windows, and please use ash cans provided.
All rooms have a telephone with local service and voicemail. Dial 9 for an outside line. Incoming calls to the main switchboard (416-978-2522) are prompted to enter a 4-digit extension number. Your extension appears on the screen of your telephone set (room number preceded by a 4). Telephone system instructions may be found here.
In spite of security measures, thefts can occur. PLEASE LOCK YOUR ROOM DURING EVERY ABSENCE, HOWEVER BRIEF. The College accepts no responsibility for losses resulting from theft, including theft from common areas such as kitchenettes.

Click HERE for summer residence application form.