Trinity One Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wait until I receive an offer of admission from U of T before applying to Trinity One? 
No. Don’t wait until you receive an offer of admission from U of T before applying to Trinity One.  The Trinity One application is usually available in mid-December and must be completed by the deadline (typically second week of March). 

Can I apply to more than one of the five streams within Trinity One?
You can only apply to ONE of the five streams.  However, when you apply to Ethics, Interational Relations or Public Policy you will be given an option of listing a second choice in the event that we are not able to accommodate you in your first choice.  When you apply to one of the science streams, you will also be given the option of selecting the other science stream as an alternate choice.

I’ve heard that there are other Foundational Year Programs.  Am I allowed to apply to more than one?
There are other Foundational Year Programs at the other Colleges.  You are allowed to apply to as many of the College Ones as you wish, but can only accept an offer from one of them.

How do you select applicants for Trinity One? 
Admission to Trinity One is based on your academic performance as well as your Trinity One application. 

Do I have to apply to be a Trinity College student in order to be eligible for Trinity One? 
No. Any first-year incoming student who has applied to Art and Science on the St.George campus is eligible to apply to Trinity One. 

If I get an offer of admission from U of T, does that automatically mean I have been accepted to Trinity One as well? No. You will receive a separate decision regarding your application to Trinity One either via the Foundational Year Program website, or by e-mail. 

If I have a U of T offer of admission AND an offer from Trinity One, is it enough to just accept my U of T offer through OUAC? 
No. If you receive an offer of admission to Trinity One you must accept that offer via the Foundational Year Program website in addition to accepting your U of T offer of admission. 

Are there additional tuition costs if I am in Trinity One? 
No.  Enrolment in Trinity One courses is included in the fees you pay to the University.

I have heard about the 199 seminar courses.  Can I take a 199 course if I’m in Trinity One? 
Yes, but you should think about that decision.  Trinity One will already provide you with a rich seminar experience, and will take up one or two credits of the usual 5 credit course load in first year.  Your other three to four credits are used to take courses needed for entry into second year specialist, major and minor programs.  199 courses can not be used to satisfy programs, so you would have to have a good reason to take a 199 in addition to Trinity One.  If you are considering this, we suggest you seek advice from your College Registrar’s Office.

If I’m in Trinity One, does it guarantee me a space in any specialist, major or minor programs of study?  (e.g. if I’m in the International Relations stream do I have an advantage when applying to the International Relations specialist or major program?)
No.  While Trinity One is incredible preparation for the work you will be doing in many programs of study, you will not be given preferential treatment for enrolment in second year programs.  You will have to meet all of a program’s published entry requirements in order to be considered.