General Sites

The Jacques Maritain Center at Notre Dame

* Contains online readings on moral philosophy by Jacques Maritain, Yves Simon, and Ralph McInerny, as well as articles about the Thomistic revival in philosophy.

Online Guide to Ethics and Moral Philosophy

* * Robert Cavalier of Carnegie Mellon University has produced this helpful, searchable site as an introduction to ethics. In three sections, it addresses the history of ethics, concepts and problems in ethics, and applied ethics.

Philosophy Since the Enlightenment

* * Articles about philosophy and biographical sketches of philosophical luminaries by Roger Jones, consultant and former philosophy instructor from England. Includes a helpful section on moral philosophy, with annotations on Kant, Nietzsche, and Sartre.


* * *This sites contains over 15,000 categorized links to philosophy resources on the Internet, browsable (but not searchable) by philosopher's name or by topic. It is maintained by Thomas Stone, a computer consultant and philosophy aficionado from Rochester, New York.

Counterbalance Foundation

* *An interactive audio and video format library featuring new views on science and religion, as well as ethics and philosophy, from a variety of noted scholars and organizations.

Moral Philosophy

Online Guide to Ethics and Moral Philosophy

* *This online introduction to Ethics offers both historical and thematic perspectives on the study of Ethics. It was prepared by Robert Cavalier, of the philosophy department of Carnegie Mellon University.

Internet Classics Archive: Works by Aristotle

* The part of the Internet Classics Archive, posted by members of the classics department of MIT, contains some of Aristotle's most famous ethical treatises, including Nicomachean Ethics and Virtues and Vices, as well as other of his works.


* A sizable collection of electronic primary source texts and links to online Kant resources, compiled by Stephen Palmquist of the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Hong Kong Baptist University.


* Biographical article on Kant from the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online.


* Links to articles by and about David Hume, compiled by Richard Lee, associate professor of philosophy at the University of Arkansas.


* * An interesting web site which guides the web surfer through a slide presentation over view of utilitarianism. By Lawrence M. Hinman from the University of San Diego.

Utilitarianism Resources

* This anonymous site contains a simple list of links to primary and secondary source materials. Unfortunately, the list is long and not well organized, but it does contain some worthwhile information.

Theological Ethics

The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

* * News, articles, and conference information from the Center, which is located at Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL.

The National Catholic Bioethics Center

*Includes online research articles and limited information, most of which is available to subscribers only.

Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly

* * This is the web site of the PBS show which bills itself as "the only national TV newsmagazine program devoted entirely to the news of religion and spirituality, and major ethical issues." It provides decent coverage of American news events from a religious/ethical perspective.

Ethics and Moral Values

* * * This segment of Rutgers University's Virtual Religion Index contains links to sites and organizations addressing current issues in medical, sexual, environmental, social, and political ethics.

Christian Ethics Today

* * * This online journal of Christian ethics is free and features articles by respected authors such as Ron Sider, Gilbert Milaender, and Stanley Hauerwas. The archives are browsable by issue/date and searchable by author, article, and keyword.

Journal of Lutheran Ethics

* * Online journal of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Users can browse recent topics or search by keyword.

Watton on the Web -- Christian Resource Centre

* * This site, sponsored by Watton Pentecostal Church in Norfolk, England, contains an interesting collection of links to short essays on ethical topics such as abortion, child abuse, and genetics, among others.